Ley lines

Many years ago it was discovered that THE ANCIENT DRUID is probably a Power Centre.

Power centres are places where ley lines begin. A power centre is created by the presence of both ley energy and underground water. The combination of the two creates a power that has the capability to not only affect consciousness, but also to retain the feelings of people who have visited the site. Power centers can save feelings and emotions in the same way a computer disk holds programs or a battery holds energy. The Druids knew far more about Mother Nature than is known today, both in her protection and utilising her powers. It is said that the Druids could fly along ley lines

Many ley lines emanate from the Ancient Druid (as can easily be confirmed by using an Ordinance Survey Map and the standard criteria for establishing Ley Lines) and some of the purest water in Britain comes from the Spring right next to the building (the temperature and flow rate remain constant all year round irrespective of whether there is a drought or a prolonged wet period).



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